Does your marriage need to be reignited or is it in need of a complete resurrection? re|engage is a 20-week experience that includes worship, teaching, small groups & testimonies from couples who have experienced victory in the midst of hard times.
Starts January 17th at First Baptist Church in Tehachapi (on Curry) You can join up to January 31st.


1.When & Where? Another session begins on January 17th, 2019. Location will be First Baptist Church in Tehachapi.
2.I am not a Christian. Can I still attend? Yes. re|engage is open to anyone looking to save or improve their marriage.
3.My spouse won’t come. Can I come alone? Individuals may attend for the first 6 weeks. Even when one spouse is working on themselves, positive change in the relationship is possible.
4.Is re|engage marriage counseling? No. re|engage leaders are facilitators; not counselors.
5.Can I just come to visit or do I have to commit? No commitment is necessary until the 6th week.
6.How much time is required outside of the weekly meeting? Curriculum is designed for approx. 15-20 minutes per week.
7.We don’t like spending time together. Will we have to interact? There are some exercises that will require you to interact with each other throughout the process.
8.My marriage is doing well. Can we benefit by attending? re|engage was created to rebuild, reconnect, and reignite marriages in any condition.
9.What does it cost? The first 6 weeks are free. After that, the cost is $100 per couple. If this creates a hardship, please contact the SSCC office (661.823.0799) to discuss suitable arrangements.
After the first six weeks, there is a $100 per couple charge. Pay online here!