Greetings Rick–

A few weekends ago, my fiance and I participated in the 10:00 am service.  We were staying in a condo at the Stallion Springs Resort and wanted to worship with a local Ekklesia.
Having consulted with over 1000 churches and served 40 plus church bodies over the past 42 years, I was heartened to experience such a vibrant spiritual community during our brief encounter there.  The service was worshipful and praiseworthy; the music complemented the homily, and; the Eurcharist meal provided an opportunity to reflect, confess, repent and restore our relationship with the Father.
During the break, we were warmly welcomed and enfolded by a couple who had joined the church within the last year.  They were informative and provided strong testimony to the work of the Lord in your midst.
I was impressed with the richness of opportunities that members are provided in growing into a discipleship of the Lord.  Your welcome folder provides the visitor with a wonderful and thorough perspective on the life of the church.  The provision of ministries opportunities helps the visitor recognize how rich the spiritual life can be there and learn how best to use spiritual gifts and talents in service and fellowship.  It’s apparent that you’ve picked up on my student, Rick Warren’s “diamond” as a way of overtly nurturing discipleship in your CLASS series.  Also, very clever!
It is not often that I experience a dynamic and discipling church in a community the size of Stallion Springs.  The professional and volunteer staffs’ attention to detail and excellence in practice are apparent in your written materials, your web site and in the dynamics of the worship service.  In some ways, this reflects your earlier career experiences and the talents that you have brought to the ministry there.  What a blessing the church must be to the community.
May the Lord continue to pour out His power and blessing upon the volunteer and professional staff of SSCC as you continue to proclaim the Gospel and to extend the Kingdom of God in Stallion Springs and the greater Tehachapi community.  As a part of Church Consultants Group,  I have set up a ministry to support, encourage and provide spiritual guidance for those people God is raising up to grow Jesus’ Ekklesia Kingdom.  And so I invite you to dialog with me via email, Skype or Internet conferencing on topics that you may wish another perspective on or with which you are seeking spiritual discernment.  I have found that busy pastors have little time for personal reflection and discernment and often feel isolated as “lone rangers” especially in small town environments.
Your little brother in Christ,